2021 Audience Choice Local Documentary Award

Harvesting Dreams by director Brittany Ollerenshaw is DocFest’s Audience Choice Local Documentary Award Winner!

The film is an inspiring story about Melanie Harrington & her journey farming sustainably grown flowers at Dahlia May Flower Farm.

See the award presentation below & listen to Brittany and Melanie discuss the film! Congratulations!

Harvesting Dreams

Established in 2014, The Dahlia May Flower Farm now has over 16,000 Facebook followers, and over 80,000 Instagram followers. Melanie Harrington continues to inspire the masses while farming three acres of sustainably grown, Ontario cut flowers, in the Bay of Quinte area.

Follow along for one year on Melanie’s farm as you bear witness to how a business is built from the ground up, the challenges that arise when working seasonally and for yourself, and finally; the joy that can be found in every step of the way.


Brittany Ollerenshaw



Film Details

2020, Canada, 52 min

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