The Cure for Hate

Content Warning: This film contains difficult imagery, violence. Language or subject matter may be offensive or triggering to some viewers.

Once a leader of a Canadian neo-Nazi group, Tony McAleer was inspired by the birth of his children to turn his life around. He now runs Life After Hate, an organization that helps people escape White Supremacist movements and re-connect with their humanity and society at large. The film documents his profound personal journey of atonement to Auschwitz/Birkenau.

“The film sheds light upon how men get into (and out of) violent extremist groups, acting as a cautionary tale for the present day that underscores the dangers of allowing hate to go unchecked.” Gail Johnson, Stir

Awards and Nominations

Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, 2023 – Official Selection


Peter D. Hutchison, Lucas Sabean



Film Details

2023, 84 min