Werner Herzog: Radical Dreamer

An affectionate portrait of acclaimed German film director Werner Herzog that traces his career from the days of the New German Cinema (1962-1982) to the present. In the process, we get glimpses of his everyday life, rare archival footage, and lots of personal anecdotes. The film is replete with interviews with famed colleagues including Nicole Kidman, Robert Pattinson, Chloé Zhao, Wim Wenders, and Christian Bale sharing reflections on Herzog’s contributions to modern cinema.

“He (Herzog) is someone who never gave up and followed his dreams and visions and against all odds his story has a happy ending. I mean, how likely is it that a poor boy from the Bavarian Mountains becomes like this, an icon and star in Hollywood.” Addie Moorfoot, Variety

Awards and Nominations

Calgary International Film Festival (2023) – Best International Documentary, Nominee


Thomas von Steinaecker


English, German (with subtitles)

Film Details

2022, 102 min
Germany, United Kingdom

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