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Browse the films that have been officially selected for the 13th annual Belleville Downtown DocFest.

2024 FilmS

The Festival team is proud to present this catalog of outstanding documentaries by celebrated filmmakers from around the globe and right here at home for the 2024, 13th Annual Festival.

For Screening Dates and Times to plan your DocFest – Please visit the 2024 Program Page.

Previous film catalog are available in the DocFest Archives. Browse all the past films we’ve presented since 2014.

Still image from the film, Breaking the News

Breaking the News

The story of The 19th an independent, nonprofit, digital newsroom that focuses on issues of ...
Poster image for the Short Film, Brushes of Hope

Brushes of Hope

Jean, a dedicated art teacher and a resilient cancer survivor, Susan, unite through the transformative ...
Still image of Carlos Santana from the 2023 film "Carlos"


The musical legend Carlos Santana began as a street musician at the age of 14 ...
Still Image From the Feature Documentary, Charlotte's Castle

Charlotte’s Castle

Residents of a landmark Toronto apartment building known as ‘Spadina Gardens’ battle to stop its ...
Poster image for the short documentary film, Detroit Will Breathe

Detroit Will Breathe

In the summer of 2020, Detroiters faced unprecedented police violence as they took to the ...
Poster image from the film, The Devil Put the Coal in the Ground

Devil Put the Coal In the Ground

In their own words, West Virginians tell of the suffering and devastation caused by the ...
Still Image from Geographies of Dar

Geographies of DAR

The Geographies of DAR is a captivating film that explores the life and literary works ...
Still image from the short documentary, Hebron Relocation

Hebron Relocation

In 1959, residents of the community of Hebron were told that, without question, they would ...

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