Saturday Night

Saturday Night

As winter’s pristine white blanket covers the silent streets of Montreal, filmmaker Rosana Matecki recalls how the collective mourning of Leonard Cohen’s passing gave her a sense of belonging to the city for the first time. She crosses paths with two Latin American immigrants who also seek an intimate connection with their adoptive city. Magaly is a grocery store cashier in her early fifties; Juan, a painter in his mid-seventies. 

Inspired by those who find freedom in movement, they gather inside a small ballroom on a Saturday night with other middle-aged souls. For a few hours, they dance, surrendering to the warm embrace of intimacy and belonging.

Narrated in Spanish by Matecki, the short film offers a poetic and bittersweet snapshot of aging in an urban setting, viewed through the lens of dance. An immersive soundscape and a delicate tempo set the mood for this intimate exploration of resilience and nostalgia.

“With hints of both closure and nostalgia, Matecki reflects on her future in this city she’s come to call home as she taps into a sense of community she hadn’t quite felt before.”Pat Mullen, POV Magazine

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Awards and Nominations

TIFF, Toronto International Film Festival, Canada, 2021 – Official Selection


Rosana Matecki


(English subtitles)

Film Details

2021, 15 min