Bridge 10-46

Bridge 10-46

In this short film, Wendi Duggan, an activist, and Laura Ip, regional councillor, discuss their work to stop the alarming number of deaths at the Burgoyne bridge; a bridge ranked second highest for suicide deaths in North America. After struggling with mental health in her own home and learning about the death of a 19-year-old boy on the bridge, Wendi Duggan, decided to create and organize a group of activists dedicated to preventing suicide and advocating for the creation of the barriers. 

Laura Ip, a regional councillor who used her personal experiences with mental health and close connection to the community to campaign for the barriers on a political front. Her newly passed, ground-breaking motion, “Social determinants of health”, is meant to ensure the possible effect on the communities’ health and wellbeing is considered in all future projects.

Awards and Nominations

Canada Shorts: Canadian and International Short Film Festival, 2021, Award for Excellence
Film Festivals Group, Liberty Film Awards, 2021, Best Documentaries – Group #1 Winners


Dylan Best



Film Details

2020, 10 min