Change Isn’t Easy!

International features and shorts focused on change, resistance and understanding the contemporary world.

DocFest strives to present a wide selection of films that focus on communities making positive changes. We’re proud to announce these films about how the effort of individuals and groups can bring about great improvements to our world. The Quinte Humane Society always makes an effort to help our animal friends and we’re proud to have them as the sponsor of The Nature Makers.

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The Gig is Up

Find out the human costs of convenience and peel back the layer of a service or app to find out what the real cost and impact is on our society, global cultural change and the environment?

The Nature Makers

A portrait of passionate people and the extraordinary creatures they’re fighting to preserve. Wildlife conservationists go to extremes using technology and extensive human intervention to defend three threatened species. Stunningly photographed in the Grand Canyon and on the American prairie, the film charts an optimistic, path forward.

Proudly supported by the Humane Society Hastings Prince Edward –

The Militiaman

In the hills of rural Pennsylvania, for a decade, a 48-year-old Iraqi War Veteran and machinist has commanded a troop of private militiamen and women concerned with the government’s infringement on their “rights”.

As he confronts the realities of political change and the pandemic as he feels he must prepare his men for the turbulent political landscape of 2020 while warring with his own conscience.

You are the Days to Come

This international feature offers a rare glimpse into the art scene in China during the decade that was punctuated by the Tiananmen square massacre in 1989.

The film draws on the filmmakers reflections and lived experience documenting the work of six key figures in the contemporary art movement working across fine arts, performance, music and literature during a period of massive political change and pressure.

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