Do What You Love!

At DocFest we love bringing fantastic documentaries to our audience.

We also love working with community groups, businesses and individuals who make that possible by sponsoring films. A big thanks to The Brake Room for sponsoring The Soul of a Cyclist, Gallery 121 and the Belleville Art Association for their sponsorship of Wearable Tracy, and Social Schmoes for sponsoring Viral Dreams.

We’re excited to also announce two other docs about people doing what they love.

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A coming-of-age story about a boy who is trying to become a man in a male-dominated society and without a paternal figure to guide him along the way. At the end of this school year, Bryan must choose between working in the countryside or continue studying, while waiting for a father that may never return.

Better Living Through Chemistry

This feature tells the story of the chemist Sasha Shulgin and his wife and co-author Ann Shulgin. – who contributed to the development and psycho-pharmaceutical use of MDMA and we discover the work the two did together to both establish the science and research, in the field and to communicate and integrate the cultural significance of their work together.

The Soul of a Cyclist

A charming and visually pleasing film about a group of “classic” cyclists and their love of old-style bicycles. We meet the interesting and often quirky individuals who share their common passion, but The Soul of a Cyclist digs deeper into larger issues such as the importance of friendship, love of the natural environment, the value of minimalism and craftsmanship. Ultimately, Nuno Tavares’s documentary makes us think about how to live a happier and more meaningful life.

Proudly supported by The Brake Room

Viral Dreams

They all had big plans for 2020 but the world around them changes dramatically because of COVID 19, growing social unrest, and a looming economic crisis. In the midst of these uncertain times, they document everything from long distance relationships, to job loss and financial hardships, to unexpected political awakenings.

Proudly supported by Social Schmoes social media and marketing services.

Wearable Tracy

Lee Kim, this short film’s subject, makes a personal commitment to wearing a hat, crown, or mask made of pipe cleaners all day, everyday, for an entire year as she experiences her life in New York. 

Originating from an experiment in design thinking, free form expression and an urge to grow her human connections, the film “Wearable Tracy” chronicles all it taught her.

Proudly supported by Belleville Art Association and by The Gallery 121

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