For 11-year-old Bryan the summer means working in the picturesque Mexican countryside raising fighting bulls. His family has been breeding bulls for four generations and he longs to be part of the tradition. His own father is absent, having left for America before Bryan was born, hoping to build a better life for the family. He has yet to return. Bryan is introspective, with an infectious hopefulness about the future.

Becoming is a coming-of-age story about a boy who is trying to become a man in a male-dominated society and without a paternal figure to guide him along the way. At the end of this school year, Bryan must choose between working in the countryside or continue studying, while waiting for a father that may never return.

Awards and Nominations

HotDocs Official Selection 2021, North American Premier


Isabel Vaca


(English Subtitles)

Film Details

2021, 63 min