A much-needed look at the ethics of documentary filmmaking and the aftermath that they leave behind in the lives of their “subjects”. The filmmakers follow up with onscreen “stars” from some of the biggest and most influential documentaries from the last decade to explore the personal, social, and psychological impacts that participating in these films has had.

For the audiences of documentaries, it’s a chance to understand that these are real people and not just commodities. This is their real life.” Co-Director, Camilla Hall in an interview with Addie Morfoot, Variety

“A documentary dork’s delight. The starting point for a conversation about depiction, exploitation and documentary ethics. Interesting and entertaining. I hope Subject finds a home where many people can watch it, because this is a good start. I want more.” Daniel Fienberg, The Hollywood Reporter

Awards and Nominations

Tribeca, New York, USA 2022 – World Premiere


Camilla Hall
Jennifer Tiexiera



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2022, 97 min