A colourful portrait of the life and career of 93-year-old photographer Gabor Szilasi through the eyes of his friend and filmmaker Joannie Lafrenière. Gabor and Joannie travel through rural Quebec to revisit sites where Gabor took his photos, the locations and people he connected with throughout his career. Their journey elegantly weaves together the life story of this celebrated artist.

Joannie Lafrenière’s film is as much a profile of Gabor, as it is about life, relationships, aging, and pursuing your passion.

Quietly but with great affection, he has devoted his time to photography, which he believes is like “a poem,” offering his best to his photo subjects, his family and friends and no doubt to Joannie Lafrenière for making this heartfelt portrait.” Marc Glassman, POV Magazine

Awards and Nominations

Hot Docs, Toronto 2021 – Official Selection


Joannie Lafrenière


French (English subtitles)

Film Details

2021, 101 min