The Art of Making It

The Art of Making It

A film about who’s work gets seen and who’s doesn’t, what the secret and not so secret rules of success are, and the ability to forge one’s own path in today’s unregulated art world.

Scathing, but at times still hopeful – the film provides an exposé of the contemporary art world that is mired in elitism, exploitation, pay inequity, sexism, racism, patriarchy, and more. This film provides an open and honest conversation with all of the key players – the collectors, gallery owners, curators, critics, and artists – to dive deep into the secret world of visual art.

Awards and Nominations

SXSW, Austin USA, 2022 – Audience Award Winner
Offshore Film Festival, Montauk USA, 2022 – Best Feature Documentary


Debi Wisch



Film Details

2021, 94 min