Paper City

Paper City


In 1945, the US firebombed Tokyo, destroying a quarter of the city and killing 100,000 people. Now, in a society rapidly forgetting, three elderly survivors fight to leave behind a public record of their experiences while they are still alive. Paper City explores what we choose to remember, and aim to forget and what the consequences of that are.

Adrian Francis follows his three protagonists, lets their accounts speak for themselves, but also indirectly asks why their voices are so often unheard in today’s Japan.” Rouven Linnarz, June 1, 2022, Asian Movie Pulse

Awards and Nominations

Winner, Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, Melbourne, 2022, Best Emerging Director Award & Best Melbourne Documentary Award, Official Selection
Nominee, Nippon Connection Japanese Film Festival, Japan, 2022, Nippon Docs Award Best Documentary, Official Selection


Adrian Francis


Japanese (subtitles in English)

Film Details

2021, 80 min
Australia, Japan