Bangla Surf Girls

Bangla Surf Girls

Three young teenage girls break away from their daily lives of domestic drudgery and familial abuse by joining a local surf club in the town of Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh. Under the wing of a devoted coach they discover a rare and precious avenue of freedom as they fearlessly ride the tallest of waves with skill and dexterity. Navigating daily hardships, stifling families and the oppressive judgments of their community, the girls manage to find a few hours on their surfboards. But when their coach makes the decision to leave the club and the girls are left to advocate for themselves, their odds seem insurmountable.

This is a touching coming-of-age story of resistance.

“The movie is beautiful to look at, with atmospheric shots of the sea and gorgeous sunsets and the backdrop for the girls as they glide along. But it is also packed with powerful emotion.”
— Susan Cole, POV Magazine April 29, 2021

“Moving, uplifting and tons of fun with stunning photography”

Awards and Nominations

Select Screening: Hot Docs, Toronto, April 2021
Select Screening: Newport Film Festival, Rhode Island, USA May 2021
Select Screening: European Film Festival In Asia, Bangladesh, June 2021
Select Screening: New Hope Film Festival, Pennsylvania, USA, July 2021
Portuguese Film Festival, Ericeira, Portugal, July 2021; Women in Surf Award, Winner
OFFA(Oakville Festival of the Arts), July 2021, Winner: Best Feature
Paris Surf & Skateboard Film Festival, September 2021; Winner: Best Surf Documentary


Elizabeth D Costa


Bengali (English Subtitles)

Film Details

2021, 86 min