Bank Job

Bank Job

The 2008 financial crisis sounded alarm bells around the world. Fed up with predatory economic institutions and drastic wealth disparity, grassroots communities are taking aim at archaic economic systems that are beneficial for a few and harmful to many. Filming over five years, a mischievous filmmaking duo educate themselves and about financial literacy with the lofty goal of eliminating debt.

Bank Job is a charming romp that explores a fight for financial freedom. At a time when most people – including politicians – do not understand how money comes into existence, Bank Job reveals the dark world of debt with wit and insight that will leave you enraged, informed and inspired.

“a knockabout guide to the debt economy….the film owes something to the cheerful tradition of Ealing comedy. But the heart of the matter is never made a joke.” Financial Times

“heartwarming documentary filled with community spirit… with a big heart and some punch-the-air moments” The Guardian

Awards and Nominations

British Independent Film Awards 2021, The Discovery Award, Nominee


Daniel Edelstyn, Hilary Powell



Film Details

2021, 86 min
United Kingdom