Come Back Anytime

Come Back Anytime

Experience a year in the life of self-taught Japanese ramen master Masamoto Ueda. Soak in the nostalgia at his legendary ramen shop, Bizentei, where the gregarious master has been serving his traditional Tokyo-style ramen to die-hard fans for more than forty years.

Tag along with the master and some of his regulars on their weekend culinary adventures across Japan’s picturesque countryside — harvesting gourmet pears, digging up bamboo shoots, mountain yams, and more. Through these moments we come to learn about his approach to legacy and the present experience he delivers in his shop.

I’ve lived in Japan. I’ve written extensively on the food culture of Japan. This is probably the best movie I’ve ever seen on the topic.” Adam Platt, Chief Restaurant Critic, New York Magazine

Come Back Anytime is about savouring the time that we have, and about the community that savours with you when the time you have made for yourself is a product of passion, love, and play.” – Taylor Beaumont, For Reel Movie News and Reviews (4.5/5 Stars)

Awards and Nominations

Devour! The Food Film Fest 2021, Wolfville, NS, Golden Tine Award for Best Feature Documentary, Winner


John Dashbach


(English subtitles)

Film Details

2021, 81 Min