Chiliheads, fous de piments forts

A journey through cuisine, time, trade and migration, Chiliheads, takes us on the ‘Hot Pepper Road’ to five countries: Canada, the United States, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago and India to meet ‘chiliheads’; lovers of hot peppers, to discover their culture and the fun and obsessed sub-cultures that surround the consumption of this unique spicy fruit. 

The film unfolds as a colourful cinematographic investigation; scientific, historical and sociological, recounting the story of man and pepper from their ‘first encounter’ until now. This questioning brings us to shed a light on the craziest and most surprising sides of human beings and of this little fruit that tried to protect itself with a solid self-defence system in order to avoid being eaten in the first place. 

“Chiliheads to make an Impact at Devour!… Four out of five stars” –

Awards and Nominations

Devour! The Food Film Fest 2021, Wolfville, NS, Official Selection


Julien Fréchette


(English subtitles)

Film Details

2021, 73 Min