Only I Can Hear

Only I Can Hear

The story of four hearing teenagers coming of age in the vibrant, loud Deaf community. Between hearing and deaf worlds, the young women explore their identities as members of the community of Children of Deaf Adults (CODA). The young women’s lives overlap at a summer camp where they can be themselves as they come to understand and define their places in the world and lives they are embarking on. 

With incredible compassion and curiosity, Matsui and Cozens navigate the margins of the hearing and deaf world, finding acceptance in a society that privileges the spoken word. Vivian Belik, Hot Docs 2021

Awards and Nominations

Kerry International Film Festival 2021, Best Documentary Feature, Winner


Itaru Matsui and Heath Cozens


English, American Sign Language, Japanese (some English subtitles)

Film Details

2021, 52 min
Japan, Canada