Call Me Human (Je m’appelle humain)

Call Me Human (e m’appelle humain)

“Sauvage,” says Joséphine Bacon, “means to be wholly free.” When elders leave us, a link to the past vanishes along with them. Innu writer Joséphine Bacon exemplifies a generation that is bearing witness to a time that will soon have passed away.

An affectionate portrait of Innu poet Joséphine Bacon who as a documentary filmmaker, curator, songwriter, and poet has devoted her life to preserving Innu language and traditions. In addition to reflecting on her time in a residential school and getting established in Montreal in the late 60s, Bacon describes the impact of frequent travels to the North where elders helped her appreciate the importance to Innu life of a unique land, language and folk tradition.


Quebec City Film Festival Co-winner of the Prix Jury Collégial;
Cinéfest Sudbury International Film Festival Audience Choice Award for Documentaries
Vancouver International Film Festival Juried Award for Best Canadian Documentary Film


Kim O’Bomsawin


(English subtitles)

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2020, 78 min

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