Rematriate: Passing the Seeds

Rematriate: Passing the Seeds

This short film follows the creation of the “Passing the Seeds” wampum belt. Wampum belts, Quahog shell beads bound on strings, in intricate patterns, are used as a guide to narrate Haudenosaunee history, traditions, laws, and treaties or agreements between groups.

The Passing the Seeds wampum belt is a record of the agreement, relationship, and story of the rematriation of a collection of heirloom seeds from the Sisters of Providence in Kingston to Ratinenhayén:thos, a group of seed savers and knowledge holders, from Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.

The underlying connection that bonds the two groups of women is their spiritual and feminine intrinsic respect and grounding in nature that exists above boundaries of race and religion. The communities are working together to respect two overlapping histories for the common goal of the continuation of our seeds, food, and traditions for the next generations.


Shelby Lisk



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2020, 6 min

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