The Arctics

The Arctics

The Arctics explores the history and impacts of the Arctic Winter Games, an international, biennial multi sport games that has been celebrating circumpolar sport and culture in the North since 1970. This short documentary follows the stories of characters from across the nine regions as they prepare to partake in the 2020 Arctic Winter Games which marks 50 years since first opening in Yellowknife, NWT.

From feeding reindeer with first time athletes in the Sámi region of Norway to exploring the indigenous sports of Yamal, Russia to meeting Nunavut’s first NHL player, The Arctics not only explores the role of sport in isolated communities but also its ability to build cultural and regional pride.

Both educational and inspiring, The Arctics introduces viewers to the North in an emotionally impactful way painting a picture of indigenous and northern cultures and landscapes while celebrating sport and its ability to inspire, transform and elevate northern athletes.


Naomi Mark,
Marty O’Brien



Film Details

2020, 57 min