“The design of nature is music. If you listen to the trees, you will hear a song.” Conservationist and author Diana Beresford-Kroeger

Come along with acclaimed director Kevin McMahon (Waterlife) for a journey deep into the heart of the boreal forest.

As we begin to understand the complex networks that nurture and sustain this unique ecosystem, we also are learning how natural threats such as insects, drought, and fire are exacerbated by the presence of extractive industries like oil development and logging. In a rapidly warming climate, many of the finely evolved strategies adopted by different organisms no longer work and massive change can be seen to be already underway. 

Borealis is a feature length exploration filled with breathtaking aerial images, insights into evolution, ecology and biodiversity. Learn from researchers and conservationists on the ground as you experience side trips with the inhabitants of this fragile and wondrous climate zone.

Awards and Nominations

NaturVision Film Festival, 2020, German Biodiversity Film Award
Sondrio Festival, 2020, Città di Sondrio, First Prize
Silbersalz Science and Media Festival, 2021, Homeland Earth Award
Festival Atmospheres, 2021, The Green Heart Award


Kevin McMahon



Film Details

2020, 90 min