Daughter of a Lost Bird

Daughter of a Lost Bird

The film explores the ethics surrounding Native American adoption, via a singular story as an entry point into a more complicated national issue. In many ways, Kendra Potter is a perfect example of cultural assimilation. She is a thriving woman who grew up in a loving, upper middle-class white family, and feels no significant loss with the absence of Native American culture or family in her life. And yet, as a Blackfeet/Salish woman, director Brooke Swaney could not imagine that Kendra could be content or complete without understanding her heritage. So together they embark on a 7 year journey.

“this doc goes much deeper… touching on incredibly important issues that face Indigenous children who were adopted and raised without their culture.” – Leanne Mclaren, Move 103.5fm Vancouver.

Awards and Nominations

Woodstock Film Festival, 2021, New York, USA,
NY Women in Film and Television Award for Best Female Director, Documentary and, Best Emerging Filmmaker, Feature Documentary


Brooke Pepion Swaney



Film Details

2021, 66 min,