Food for the Rest of Us

Food for the Rest of Us

Examining how getting back to the land is tied to other movements such as Black Lives Matter, Idle No More and Times Up – this feature presents five stories of people living life on their own terms, serving as leaders and role models who are lending their voice to the underdog and leading a revolution to a better world, from the ground up!

Explore the stories of an Indigenous-owned, youth run organic farm in Hawaii, and an Black urban grower in Kansas City who runs a land-farm at East High School, a female Kosher Butcher in Colorado working with the Queer Community and an Inuit community on the Arctic Coast who are adapting to climate change with a community garden in a small geodesic dome.

Food for the Rest of Us explores radical activism through farming.” Gail Johnson, Stir Arts and Culture, Vancouver

Awards and Nominations

Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto, 2021, Official Selection
DOXA Documentary Film Festival, Vancouver, 2021, Official Selection (Premier)


Caroline Cox



Film Details

2021, 83 min