We Hope You Enjoyed DocFest’s 2022 Opening Weekend!

Still image from the feature film, "Only I Can Hear".
Monday March 7th – Two shorts and Four Feature Films, tonight at 7pm

Tonight at 7pm we’ll officially release two shorts and four feature films. Some highlights include Invisible Hand, the first documentary on the Rights of Nature movement, poised as “capitalism’s one true opponent.”

Next up, the multi-award-winning feature I’m Wanita. It’s an irresistible music doc about embracing life as a journey, rather than a destination. It takes viewers along for the ride as Australia’s self-crowned “Queen of Honky Tonk” follows her dream.

Only I Can Hear is the story of four hearing teenagers coming of age in the vibrant, loud Deaf community. Between hearing and deaf worlds, the young women explore their identities as members of the community of Children of Deaf Adults (CODA).

Other great films coming up tonight: The Militiaman, You Are Not a Soldier, One Never Kills for Love.

Opening Gala – Catch it before it’s gone

Last chance! The Gala film and music are available until tonight (Monday March 7th) at 9pm. Watch the Virtual Screening for the Gala (new window), or view all the Virtual Screenings at the Virtual Festival page. This is DocFest’s once-a-year gala presentation, combining a fantastic feature music doc Rockfield: The Studio On the Farm and the music performance by Four Lanes Wide.

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I’m Wanita

I’m Wanita is about embracing life as a journey, rather than a destination”, this award winning feature takes us on the journey of a lifetime with Australia’s self-crowned “Queen of Honky Tonk”, Wanita Bahtiyar.

Invisible Hand

Produced by award-winning actor, director and producer Mark Ruffalo, Invisible Hand takes you behind the curtain of the global economy in the world’s first documentary film on the ‘Rights of Nature’ movement, poised as “capitalism’s one true opponent.”

How to access the Virtual Festival

We’re thrilled to announce that our full slate of films and the 2022 schedule are available! Browse the 50+ docs, watch the trailers and plan your festival experience at the Virtual Festival page.

Films will be released to watch for three days on a staggered schedule during the Festival from Friday March 4th through Sunday March 13th.

Read this overview on how to watch the movies.

11th Annual DocFest Gala

The Gala Feature and Concert is available to stream (new window) until tonight – Monday March 7th at 9pm!

We were proud to kick-off the the 11th Annual Belleville Downtown Docfest with the feature music doc Rockfield: The Studio on the Farm followed by a virtual performance by the band, Four Lanes Wide

Get your Tickets before Monday March 7th at 9pm to watch it all from the comfort of your home.

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