Happy Festival Friday!

Friday March 11thDinner and doc anyone? Four hot new features, and a second chance to see Four Lanes Wide’s gala musical performance!
Friday Night Features
  • Alice Street, construction of a luxury condo threatens a local mural. The community rallies to protect its history, voice and land.
  • Bank Job takes a deep dive into how money and debt is created and how the system can be altered.
  • Children examines how the daily experience of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict politicizes the lives children as they mature at the centre of a larger societal and political battle.
  • Someone Like Me follows Drake, a gay asylum seeker from Uganda and a group of strangers from Vancouver’s queer community supporting his resettlement in Canada.

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Gala Concert with Four Lanes Wide

If you missed seeing the Gala concert, recorded live at the Empire Theatre, now’s your chance. To close out the festival you’ll be able to watch the complete concert with Four Lanes Wide (new window) during our final weekend from March 11-13 for just $10! The Virtual Screening will be available on Friday March 11th at 7pm.

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Alice Street

Two Oakland artists, Pancho Peskador, a Chilean studio painter, and Desi Mundo, a Chicago-born aerosol artist tackle their most ambitious project yet. In the heart of downtown Oakland they plan a four-storey mural to celebrate the cultural diversity of the area.

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Bank Job

The 2008 financial crisis sounded alarm bells around the world. Fed up with predatory economic institutions and drastic wealth disparity, grassroots communities are taking aim at archaic economic systems that are beneficial for a few and harmful to many. Filming over five years, a mischievous filmmaking duo educate themselves and about financial literacy with the lofty goal of eliminating debt.


Meet the children that are the third generation of the occupation, they’re feisty and political, but also childish (or teen-terrible) and funky. Pawns in a life they did not choose, forced to become adults before their time, hundreds are in prison with very little judicial support. 

Someone Like Me

In Sean Horlor and Steve J. Adams’ award winning feature, Drake, a young gay man from Uganda, leaves behind everything he knows to attain the universal freedoms everyone deserves: to be who he is and love whomever he chooses without fear of discrimination, persecution, or violence. 

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